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I often hear salon owners tell me they (or their staff) lack confidence in upselling and/or cross selling to their clients for fear of coming across as too pushy or sales driven.

What if my client feels uncomfortable and then decides not to come back? What if they can’t afford what I’m recommending and then feel pressured to buy?

These are common fears and questions.

The truth is, you’re doing your client a big disservice if you don’t go the extra distance to help them achieve their beauty goals.

It’s no secret that you’re in business to make money – you should celebrate this – and when you apply integrity and put your client first in the care and advice you’re offering them, then all fears should disappear.


Not so for everyone.

There’s still the fear of asking for the upsell or recommending the cross-sell (or even asking them to rebook their next appointment). This is simply a matter of training and practice until you feel at ease with doing so.

Once you master the skill and get your confidence, you’ll be on solid ground to plan and implement your upsell and cross-sell strategy for each client.

Consider this.

Why not look at the week ahead and map a plan for each of your clients.

Take each client individually and ask yourself…

  • What value-add service would they benefit from?
  • What product will help them progress their beauty goals?
  • Would they benefit from our current in-salon promotion?
  • Do I need to contact them ahead of time to offer them an upsell?
  • Will I recommend a treatment for them to consider as part of their beauty regime?

The list of questions is endless.

The key to success (as well as increased revenue and client loyalty) is to put your client at the center of your service and offer them the best beauty program you can for their goals, budget and time available.

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